First glimpse of “Felt Worlds”

13 Jul

Here’s a first glimpse of “Felt Worlds,” which is one of several fantastic activities that you’ll find at Philly Swap 2010, designed to inspire and engage kids!  At Philly Swap, kids will be invited to take objects, made of wool and recycled materials, and place them onto a large felted wall, creating their own magical world.  We cannot wait to have  handcrafted vision of artist Maura Ambrose come alive at Philly Swap.

Maura is currently inspired by simple patterns, teaching, organic farming, children, four-wheel drive, nature walks, camping, milkshakes, dance aerobics, banjoes and her two rabbits.  In the past Maura has made quilts, designed sets, and collaborated on photo shoots, video productions, and fine art exhibitions. Some of these things have been featured in Home Companion Magazine, MTV Real World Set, Design Sponge Online, Urban Outfitters Blog, and J. Crew’s website. For more information on Maura, check out:


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