Something Indigo

18 Sep

This summer, Kelly Cobb, a member of the Philly Swap team, celebrated her wedding in DIY style. Following the wedding custom for a bride to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something indigo” (okay, so the color is traditionally said to be “blue,” but we’re not sticklers for tradition), Kelly put her creative hands to work. Check out Kelly with her hands in the indigo pot!

She and her partner are artists so wanted to have a ceremony that reflected our interests. Also, they were working with almost no budget.

Kelly re-purposed a dress for her ceremony (originally a RED Nanette Lapore found at an overstock store) by removing the color and indigo dying it. Her textile friend with a studio set up the indigo vat for her as a wedding gift!

She also dyed fabrics used for flower arrangements and decorations.

Kelly’s art focuses on fashion and textiles (100-mile suit), while Aaron’s art focuses on sound and video (lure projects). Congratulations to the happy couple and thanks to Kelly for her great work on the exhibition and educational components of this year’s Philly Swap!


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