Get Pumped, Philly!

9 Jul

Dear Philly Swap Community,

It’s been awhile, we know. BUT! We’ve got some pretty cool things heading your way in pretty short order.

First off, mark your calendars for this year’s Greenfest Philly, taking place on Sunday, September 7th! Be sure to clean out your closets/basements/hidden-so-the-guests-won’t-see-areas and bring along your swaps to Greenfest!

Next on the list: We’re excited to bring you a list of resources that will include consignment shops, clothing swaps, upcycle stores, and more! Please feel free to contribute to this list by submitting information to If you run a clothing swap, store, or anything related, let us know, we’d love to add you to the list!

Finally, we want to do more! To begin with, we have some nifty DIY projects to roll out and resources to share, however, community suggestions are welcomed! (Once again, send to

Be on the lookout for more posts and pages!


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