Artist and Event Volunteers Needed!

Sewing Stations: Love to sew? Help people at Philly Swap reinvent and modify. Operate an area with loads of space and supplies and a sewing machine. When attendees want to change a sweater into a hat or an old pair of jeans into a painter’s apron, you’ll help them figure it out. We’ll provide all the materials and a sewing machine.

DIY Area/ Workshops: DIY areas are tables around the room that offer a specific kind of creative idea. Past ideas have been: how to unknit a sweater, composting organic fibers, transforming socks into IPod covers, bras into handbags, etc… anything that turns used clothing into something else (wearable or not) or garbage of any kind into a wearable fits in this area. You provide the idea and we’ll provide the sewing machine.

Silk Screen: Each Philly Swap has silkscreen areas that offers local artists’ designs and assistance screening garments. This area is a “quick fix,” turning would-be trash into something new and exciting with the stroke of inks. We’ll provide the budget for supplies.

Sorters: Assist with sorting clothes that attendees bring to the event for swapping. You get first dibs on the clothes!

Have we got you hooked? Please fill out either a skilled or general volunteer application:

SKILLED VOLUNTEER APPLICATION– email back to swapphilly@gmail.com


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