How do you go ‘green’?

23 Sep

With the UN Climate summit underway  in New York City, it seems like a great time to reflect on how we as individuals go green. In addition to swapping goods, what else do you do?

There’s been a recent surge in campaigns urging commuters to switch to bikes. Some companies are taking that goal even further by using bamboo to build their bikes. Bamboo is regarded as an extremely strong, light-weight material. Would you ride a bamboo bike?

I’ve gone green by switching to a re-usable water bottle, bringing re-usable grocery bags to the store, and being extra careful about sorting trash and recyclables. How have you gone green? Share your ways in the comments section! If you’re looking for new ways to go green, the UN has created a shortlist of ways to reduce your footprint here

Photo from UN Climate Change site

Photo from UN Climate Change site



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