Materials & Supplies Needed!

SORR’s success relies on contributions of people and community businesses like you.

Contributions are appreciated in the following areas:

Unused spools of thread

boxes of pins

beads, sequins, jewels (sew on or glue kind)



embroidery floss

glue guns and sticks

fabric paint

fabric glue

fusible and non- fusible interfacing

irons and ironing boards

hair dryers

fabric scissors

rotary cutters

knitting needles and crochet hooks



trim (no twill tape or hem tape please)




vintage sewing patterns


utility/extension cords

Contributing has rewarding benefits:

  1. Charity: Your contribution to this non-profit event is tax deductible. Left over clothing is donated to shelters in each city that hosts a swap.
  2. Community: The event brings together diverse contributors, artisans, volunteers, and do-it-yourself types, under a common idea that lasts well after the event is completed.
  3. Sustainability: Help break the cycle of throwaway through creative re-use.
  4. Recognition: There is no commerce inside the walls of an SORR, however we are glad to recognize your business in all awareness materials

If you are interested in contributing or sponsoring this year’s SORR, please send an email to

Please provide your name, company name, and contact information, as well as the specifics of what you’re interested in contributing.

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